evening blue

by OMN

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Hayden Grace
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Hayden Grace Ollie is one of those artists that toys with your heart. He's sad and he's not in the business of hiding that. It's using that that I think gives his music a special something. It seems to be what gives his music a spectacular flare. It's how he communicates his emotion best and it's led to some of the most passionate and inspiring tracks I've ever heard. I really hope he comes out with an album someday because I know it'll be a favorite of mine.
Bin Z.
Bin Z. thumbnail
Bin Z. Have been waiting for this since I listened to the preview on Soundcloud. Another amazing work.
Kel Lind
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Kel Lind This song is beautiful, and continues an exceptional track record of amazing music. Can't wait to hear what comes next!
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this is a song. i made it with my hands and my voice and also my feet a bit. i hope you don't hate it.

much love/cool and calculated indifference,


your love's a soundless river
and she carries your thoughts with her
and you beg the flow delivers
you to someplace bright and bigger

drink the evening blue
unfolding in front of you
oh i loved you then
and i think you knew

on the curb that night
first under charcoal skies
oh i loved you then
just before sunrise

but you faded
out of my sight
all i want is for us to share moonlight

it's like i waited
all of my life
for the way that you looked at me that night

there are lives unknown
buried in this cobblestone
there is ground unsown
and your feet were made to roam

drink the evening blue


released August 31, 2016
guitar/keyboards/synths/blips and bloops/drum programming - hands belonging to Ollie McKendrick-Ness

vocals - lips, tongue and lungs belonging to Ollie McKendrick-Ness



all rights reserved



ollie mn / 22 / UK

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